Looking to give back to our precious Portland community and have fun at the same time? There are plenty of annual charity events in Portland that will keep you wanting to help every year. Portland’s charitable events help fundraise money to invest in a better life for the community and the environment. We have citizens who are willing to work long hours and get our people to come together for the good of the community.

These generous charity events are also supported by large and small businesses that care for our precious city of Portland. It doesn’t matter if donors contribute with a few dollars, volunteer, or donate a large amount of money, everyone has fun at these events knowing they will be helping the community. It brings great pleasure to know how much individuals and organizations from this community support honorable causes. These are the types of actions that help make all the Portland community proud to be a local citizen.

We know how time consuming it might be to do some research on charities, so we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. The following are some great charity events you can enjoy while giving back to the community we love.


Portland’s Charity Ball

This distinct charity changes its noble cause each year. It has been known to benefit cancer patients, community gardens, and much more. Portland’s very own Charity Ball is usually held on the first Saturday of December. This Portland tradition started off as a simple yet noble cause by some college students and has evolved into a larger cause for the good of the community. The Charity Ball is also Levé’s largest event.

This great charity event is focused on inspiring the community’s future generations. They understand that it’s important to unite and inspire people to help others. When we help other people, it helps motivate others to do so, as well.

There’s a reason why the Charity Ball is one of Portland’s largest charity events. Their generous sponsors help create a better image for the city and for its people.

You can visit the Levé events page to find out more about this fundraising event.

Some of the fun activities for this event include:

  • Silent Auctions
  • Dancing
  • Food and Drink
  • Raffles



The Birdathon

Why not do something for the wildlife in Portland? The Birdathon is a fun outdoor charity event that also aims to educate its participants about Oregon’s native bird community. You can learn a lot about Oregon’s beautiful ecosystems by joining this friendly and competitive event. The Audubon Society of Portland provides great bird experts that will help you throughout this guided event.

Go out and have fun at this Portland event knowing that every dollar you contribute is helping nature lovers keep wildlife in Oregon safe. Join in and experience the beauty of nature like never before. All the donated money goes to the conservation of and education on wildlife in the area.

Note: Make sure to check out the minimum amount of donations before registering for the event.

The Birdathon also allows businesses to participate in the event via sponsorships. It’s a great way to gain a positive image among the community and beneficial connections.

You can visit the Audubon Society of Portland website to find out more about this fundraising event.

Some of the fun activities for this event include:

  • Birdwatching Competition
  • Hiking Trips



Race for the Cure Run/Walk

Location: Tom McCall Waterfront Park, 98 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204

The Race for the Cure event in Portland is a tribute to every breast cancer survivor and patients that are still combating the disease. The Race for the Cure is also the largest breast cancer fundraiser in the state of Oregon. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for those in need, finding a cure for breast cancer, and funding breast cancer healthcare services. It’s uncertain to know whether every cancer patient will receive the appropriate healthcare services today. Join the fun run event along with hundreds of locals to help cancer patients receive the proper tests, treatment, and other care. There would be nothing better than to be able to live and see a day when there’s a simple cure for cancer and everyone is happy.

This fundraising event is supported by everyone, from large companies to willing individuals. This important fundraiser also helps provide individuals with the education needed to equip them with the knowledge to help combat cancer. No matter who it is, they are all generous people who get together for a great cause. All of Portland takes the battle against cancer out to the city streets during this event. It doesn’t matter who wins the race; what truly matters is that the city helps raise valuable donations to fight cancer.

You can visit the Komen website to find out more about this fundraising event.

Some of the activities for this event include:

  • 5K Fun Run/Walk



Get Your Rear in Gear Portland 5K Run/Walk

This fun event will have you working for a healthier America as well as learning how to prevent colon cancer. This event features a nice run/walk around Mt. Tabor Park. It’s also a great opportunity to pay tribute to colon cancer survivors and those who are still fighting it. The Colon Cancer Coalition gives out rewards for the most creative team, the largest team, the top individual, and the top team of the event to make it more fun.

Be sure to join in this great cause, along with other important companies and individuals who support cancer awareness. It’s important for our community to come together, no matter the economic class, and put in the effort to help this be a better Oregon for our future generations.

Some of the activities for this event include:

  • 5K Fun Run/Walk
  • Drinks and Refreshments



Plates for Parkinson’s

Location: Urban Studio, 935 NW Davis St., Portland, OR 97209

The Plates for Parkinson’s fundraising event is perfect for enjoying some gourmet food while helping a noble cause. Some of our community’s favorite local restaurants get together and prepare their finest food samples that help promote a healthier life. They want to show the community that food can be nutritious and tasty at the same time. This event also provides its participants with the opportunity to enjoy drinks, live music, and some time out with friends and the rest of the community.

The Brian Grant Foundation is dedicated to motivating the community to live a healthier lifestyle. Living a healthier lifestyle can help people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease combat its side effects. It also helps people feel full of energy and smiling. This charitable organization does a great job at donating the money this event raises to learning more about and combating Parkinson’s disease. It also helps those diagnosed with Parkinson’s live a better life.

To join this noble event, you must purchase a ticket beforehand. You can visit the Brian Grant website to find out more about this fundraising event.

Some of the activities for this event include:

  • Tying Out Great Food Samples
  • Live Music
  • Hanging Out with Friends and the Community